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How to Save Money Whilst Traveling Overseas.

Traveling overseas can be an exciting venture, discovering different cultures, exposure to new languages and people can add a healthy dose of excitement on your journey but if the thought of spending money makes you worried as it usually does for many people, then you have come to the right place. Traveling does not have to eat up all your funds, you can travel on a budget and another plus is that you do not need to abuse your credit card to have an amazing time. Here are some helpful hints that you can implement immediately.

Plan your holidays ahead of time.

1. Before you book your holidays, you need to understand where to find bargains, if you are planning a tour holiday in a foreign country, you may want to consider finding a niche travel agency that specializes in discount packages to specific locations. For example: You want to visit Asia, find an Asian travel agency for superb bargains, they will usually speak the native languages of the destination that you are traveling to, and they will have access to all the necessary information that you require for your journey and this includes insider tips like the best places to eat.

Research all your options.

2. After you have established the various tour packages, take that information with you and go straight home. Do your online research and find all the possible tours that are similar to the one planned by the niche agency, get in touch with the companies in the various parts of Asia and consider booking your tours directly, therefore cutting out the middle-man.

Book your own airline tickets.

3. Another helpful tip is to book your airline tickets directly from the airline. Find a branch or office that sells their airline tickets directly to you. For example: Emirates has many international offices and their rates through booking directly through them will save you about $150 per person and if it is in the holiday season, its likely to be peak time, you will save more money that you can spend on more important things like shopping.

Book hotels directly.

4. Book your hotel directly, most people think that reserving your stay at a hotel is scary but it is actually very easy, all you have to do is find hotels online and call them directly with the date of arrival and length of stay in that specific hotel, they will make a reservation on your name and its highly unlikely that they will want your banking information. Ask them to send a copy of your booking so that you have that as proof. Another helpful hint is to ask them if they have a hotel vehicle to pick you up from the airport, if they do, we suggest that you use it as it will be much cheaper than the taxis that park outside the airport.

Avoid Dodgy Taxis.

5. Whatever you do, avoid yellow taxis at all costs, they are a ripoff. If you are confident in your navigational skills, download the country map as an app on your phone and use it as a guide, if you are depending exclusively on your phone and will not use a tour-guide, buy a map just in case your phone dies.

Find meals at the Foreign Supermarket.

6. If you really want to skip restaurants and save more money, consider purchasing your meals such as sandwiches from the local supermarket in the city where you are traveling. For example: In Dubai, the malls have many supermarkets that will sell tasty sandwiches. Please do not order hotel food, it is disgusting and worst than plane food.

Tip well for Freebies.

7. Since you will need a lot more energy on your holiday trips, eat more fruits and foods that take longer to digest in your system. Eat a huge breakfast as most hotels provide this complementary to your hotel stay and if it does not, we suggest that this the only option that you take as it is likely that in a foreign city, you will not know where to find your morning meals unless you have visited that country before or have thoroughly researched the local eat-outs. If you a staying at a smaller hotel, befriend the workers at the hotel establishment and you may score free bottled water. There is really nothing that these underpaid staff will not do for you if you tip well.


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