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How Caring for a Parent can Save you Tax.

Are your parents Dependant on you? If you reside in the United States of America, you will notice that it is common for many families to care for their parents. Some of you that are reading this article will relate to the notion that we are our parent’s keeper. With that in mind, there are […]

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Asbestos Ban in the Works.

Asbestos Ban expected in the foreseeable future. If you are suffering from Mesothelioma, then you will be pleased to know that the United States of America is holding a nation wide evaluation to stop the manufacture and use of Asbestos in industrial and residential projects. Asbestos poisoning has been the cause of many legal cases […]

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The Top Tax Changes of 2017.

How the Changes in Tax Legislation will affect you. Does your work involve using your vehicle? If you use your motor vehicle for business related purposes, you are probably familiar with the mileage deduction. As of 2017, the rate of deduction has changed. Whether you own a sedan, van or pickup truck, you will need […]

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How Starting a Business can save you Tax!

The Top Tax Tips for Starting a Business. We all know that paying tax can be a nuisance, so many big businesses avoid paying it with clever loopholes that are hidden in legislation. Since the average person does not have access to the top tax lawyers, we thought that we would create a helpful post […]

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Tax Advice: Have you won at the Casino?

Gambling taxes: How much do you owe to the government? Many people spend time and money at the casino. One of the overlooked factors is the amount of tax you will owe the government if you win a sum of money. There could be penalties if you fail to report your winnings and pay the […]

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How does Marriage affect your taxes?

Tax Implications of Marriage. Many individuals have a pre-nuptial agreement in place to protect their assets, however, not many people think about financial aspect of marriage. The one that etches on the finer details such as tax implications. Often, when you sit down to discuss the finances with your fiancĂ©, you may find yourself with […]

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Do you need a Trust?

What is a Trust? A trust is created by an individual during their lifetime or following their death. A trust operates in a manner to protect assets from various factors. When assets are placed in a trust, the immovable and movable property belong to the trust and not to the trustees. There will be rules […]

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